The following free video tools can be used as a multi-media solution to content delivery in an online course.

Screencast-a-matic: This tool is free and will give you up to 15 minutes free video of your desktop. My example shows an overview of my online course in Moodle, an opensource learning management system. Will play on ipad.

Jing: This tool is free from TechSmith and will give you up to 5 minutes free video of your desktop as well as a "screen capture" of images. The videos are stored for free in Screencast. My example shows an introduction to my online course in Moodle. Will play on ipad.
Welcome to Health Aide Program
Voicethread: Another free tool that allows multimedia slide show that holds voice, text, images, video. Navigate slides and leave a comment - using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam). My example shows an authentic assessment for workplace safety.

Camtasia: This tool is not free from TechSmith, but it does have features that are fun to play with. The videos are stored in Screencast or you can store in Youtube, and publish to other sites. The example shows my Health Aide Syllabus Tutorial.